You can submit your wishes by following the simple steps below:
1) Enter the website:
2) Click on the hyperlink: Registration Wish List.
3) Choose New user? SignUp! as it is your first time using the portal (this portal will be also used for other new features in the near future).
4) Create your AUS CSE Account by using your AUS email and choosing a Password (Passwords should be at least 8 characters long).
5) Check your email for the confirmation code and use it to confirm your account.
6) Once your account is confirmed, login to the portal using your AUS email and your created Password.
7) Read the instructions given in the courses Wish List page.
8) Choose your courses (up to three non identical wishes).
9) Click on Submit.
10) Log out.
11) You can come back and change your list until the closing deadline.

	Do I have to submit my courses wish list?
Yes, If you are planning to register in CSE courses for next semester, we highly encourage you to submit your wish list. That will help us in correctly planning next semester courses and number of sections based on the students demand.

	Will you surly offer the course if it is within my wish list?
We will base our courses offering on the majority demand.

	Will choosing my wishes restrict my registration?
Technically we will not restrict your registration to your wish list. However, we might restrict waiting lists to that.

	Why cant I see some of the CSE catalog courses in the list?
We tried our best to optimise the courses list to give you the maximum choices possible. So if a course is not in the list it would be due to one of the following reasons:
-The course is cross listed (check your catalog and choose the equivalent COE/CMP course).
-The course will be offered in one section regardless of the wish list (ex. CMP/COE 490 and 491).
-The course will not be offered due to shortage in resources (few 400 level electives).

	Do I have to select all the three wishes?
No, kindly only choose the courses that you are planning to register in the next semester.

	What if am planning to take more than three CSE courses next semester?
In this case kindly try to optimise your selection to the most important three courses.

	Who should I contact if I have some inquiries regarding the portal?
Kindly send all your inquiries to Kindly dont refer to the AUS IT department in case of any technical difficulties as this portal only belongs to the CSE Department.