CSE Testimonials

Jafar Shunnar
BSCoE ‘09
"I have to admit that studying at AUS has been one of the most important decision I made in my life and its legacy will continue to impact my thinking."
Ali Nahle
BSCoE ‘09
"My degree in CSE continues to play an invaluable role in my life every day."
Sameer Alawnah
"What I liked most about this school is that the student interests always come first."
Mohammad Atallah
"CSE has always been the most youthful department at AUS".
Alaa Youssef
BSCoE Junior
"Each CSE course has a well-prepared inspiring instructor, each lab is a unique unforgettable experience."
Amro Saad Farouk
BSCoE Senior
"I can positively say that CSE has made me a better thinker, problem solver and visioner."
Farah Hegazy
BSCS Junior
"Choosing to study Computer Science at AUS was a life changing experience and a very enlightening one for me."
Gehad Abouarab
BSCS Senior
"CSE family still continues to be the biggest source of support and motivation for me and all of its students."
Noor Awali
BSCoE Senior
"The balance between theoretical and practical teaching was enough to get the essential knowledge and skills, which prepares us for real-life applications of Computer Engineering."
Muhammad Yaseen
BSCS Senior
"The CSE department is one of the first departments to become its own sort of brand within AUS."
Wasif Kiyani
BSCoE Senior
"The CSE family continues to challenge me and encourage me to plan better, to think larger, to do better and dream bigger."