CSE K-12 Outreach

AUS High School Computing Camp

Learn all about computer science & engineering, design, and innovation through five days of fun and educational activities.

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AUS School Computing Competition (ASCC)

Participate in the ASCC to compete against highly skilled students from different schools across the UAE and win awards.

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Invite our distinguished faculty, lab instructors or graduate/senior students to judge your computing competitions.

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Inspiring Talks

Invite our distinguished faculty to deliver motivational talks during your major events (e.g. open day, competitions, fairs, etc) on the below topics:

1) “Power of CSE” by Dr. Fadi Aloul

2) “Cyber Security Awareness” by Dr. Fadi Aloul

3) “Internet of Things for Smart Cities” by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ali

4) “Developing Your First Mobile App” by Dr. Tamer Shanableh

5) “How AI Can Change the World” by Dr. Michel Pasquier

6) “Deep Neural Networks: From Detecting Cancer to Self-Driving Cars” by Dr. Imran Zualkernan

7) “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine” by Dr. Salam Dhou

8) “Cloud Computing: Take Your Head to the Cloud, Keep Your Feet on the Ground” by Dr. Raafat Aburukba

9) “Really: The Future is Virtual” by Dr. Hicham Hallal

10) “GPU Computing: Going Beyond Gaming” by Dr. Gerassimos Barlas

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