Registration & Classes

  • help_outlineI was a COE student and switched to CMP. I took NGN111 (2 credit hours) while COE, but CMP students need STA201 (3 credit hours) instead, what shall I do?

    • CMP Students can register in the 1 credit hour MTH243 course. The course is usually offered once a year.

    • MTH243 combined with NGN111 will replace STA201.

    • In case the student is graduating and MTH243 is not offered, the student can request a 1-credit Independent Study, but a faculty has to agree to offer that.

  • help_outline Can I follow a different catalog for my courses (Major or Minor)?

    • Students can elect to follow:

    1) the catalog year in which they joined AUS, or

    2) the catalog year in which they transferred to their current major, or

    3) the catalog year of their graduation year.

    • Students can fill the “Change of Catalog” form in the registrar.

    • In case the students are enrolled in a MINOR, they will need to follow the same catalog year used for their MAJOR degree.

    • If the minor did not exist when the major was started, in order to satisfy the requirements of the minor, students will follow the first catalog where the minor appears.

  • help_outlineWhich courses satisfy the “humanities and social sciences” in the General Education Requirement (GER)?

    • You can check the list of GER courses following this link.

    The availability of GER courses during registration periods can be checked using this link.

  • help_outlineI took the course prerequisites for COE/CMP490 but I still cannot register in the course?

    • · In addition to the course prerequisites, you need to be in Senior Standing (i.e. have earned 90 credit hours).

  • help_outline Can I register for an Independent Study?

    • Students are allowed to take one independent study.

    • A second independent study could be approved by the student’s associate dean for graduation purposes only.

    • Independent study course can be 1 to 4 credit hours long.

    • Students cannot use an Independent Study to replace a:

    o REQUIRED course, or

    o GER course, or

    o Free Elective

    • Students can use an Independent Study to replace an Major Elective course.

    • Students are not allowed to repeat courses in an independent course format.

    • To be eligible to apply for an independent course, students must be in good standing.

    • A faculty must agree to supervise the independent study.

  • help_outlineI am an non-Computer Engineering student who took MCE 224 (3 credit hours) and would like to switch to Computer Engineering. COE students need to take MCE 225 (2 credit hours). Will MCE 224 satisfy the MCE 225 requirement for COE student?

    • Yes it will. Note that the extra credit hour will not be counted / split in any other area.

  • help_outlineAs a Computer Engineering student can I take MCE 224 (3 credit hours) to satisfy the MCE 225 (2 credit hours) requirement for COE students?

    • Computer Engineering students can take MCE 224 to satisfy MCE 225 requirement only if there is a time conflict or he/she cannot secure a seat in MCE 225 then it will be an acceptable alternative. Note that the extra credit hour will not be counted / split in any other area.


  • help_outline When can I take an internship?

    • Students must be in Junior II status (i.e. have 75 earned credit hours) before they start the internship.

    • Students must get the approval of the internship coordinator before starting the internship.

    • The internship must be at least 5 weeks long and should not overlap with courses.

    • The 5 weeks cannot be split through two periods (e.g. 4 weeks + 1 week).

    • Students can register for the internship in the Fall, Spring, Summer I or Summer II terms.

    • In case the students register for the internship in the Fall or Spring, they can concurrently take a maximum of 2 courses (7 credit hours).

    • In case the students register for the internship in Summer I, they cannot register for any courses that term.

  • help_outline I want to take NGN497 as 3-credit internship in summer. Can I register for it in Summer II?

    • Students can register for NGN497 in Summer I (and not Summer II) to complete the 10-week duration requirement.