CSE Facilities

Hardware Labs

  • ESB-1036 Digital Systems Lab Courses: COE 221 Digital Systems, COE 251 Intro to Computer Systems
  • EB2-001 Microcontrollers & VLSI Lab Courses: COE 241 Microcontrollers: Programming and Interfacing, COE 424 Advanced Digital System Design, COE 428 VLSI Design
  • ESB-1004 Embedded Systems and Industrial Systems Lab Courses: COE 410 Embedded Systems, COE 431 Industrial Computer Systems

Software Labs

  • ESB-1010 CSE Programming Lab Courses: CMP 120 Programming I, CMP 220 Programming II, CSE Certified Courses
  • EB2-125 Software Engineering Lab Courses: CMP 256 GUI Design and Programming, CMP 305 Data Structures and Algorithms, CMP 310 Operating Systems,CMP 320 Database Systems, CMP 321 Programming Languages, COE 420 Software Engineering
  • EB2-125, EB2-103, EB2-104, EB2-108, EB2-109, ESB-1006 Programming Labs: Courses: CMP 120 Programming I, CMP 220 Programming II
  • ESB-0036: High Performance Computing Lab Courses: CMP 416 Internet and Network Computing, COE 49411 Virtual and Augmented Reality

Computer Networks and Computing Labs

  • ESB-1043 Internet and Mobile Computing Lab Courses: COE 457 Internet and IoT Programming, COE 312 Software Design for Engineers, CMP 354 Mobile Application Development, COE 49412 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • ESB-1032 Computer Networks Lab Courses: COE 371 Computer Networks I, COE 49409 Computer Networks II, CISCO Certified Courses

Senior Design Projects Lab

  • EB2-117 Senior Design Projects Lab