CSE Facilities

Hardware Labs

  • EB2-009 Digital Systems Lab Courses: COE 221 Digital Systems, CMP 210 Digital Systems
  • EB2-001 Microcontrollers & VLSI Lab Courses: COE 241 Microcontrollers: Programming and Interfacing Lab, CMP 240 Intro to Computer Systems, COE 424 Advanced Digital System Design, COE 428 VLSI Design
  • EB1-005 Embedded Systems and Industrial Systems Lab Courses: COE 410 Embedded Systems, COE 431 Industrial Computer Systems

Software Labs

  • EB1-040 HP Lab Courses: HP Certified Courses
  • EB2-125 Software Engineering Lab Courses: CMP 256 GUI Design and Programming, CMP 305 (or COE 311) Data Structures and Algorithms, CMP 310 (or COE381) Operating Systems Lab, CMP 321 Programming Languages, CMP 354 Mobile Application Development, CMP 416 Internet and Network Computing, COE 420 (or CMP 350) Software Engineering, COE 422 (or CMP 320) Database Systems
  • EB2-125, EB2-103, EB2-104, EB2-108, EB2-109 Programming Labs: Courses: CMP 120 (or COE 210) Intro to Computer Science I, CMP 220 (or COE 211) Intro to Computer Science II

Computer Networks and Computing Labs

  • EB2-111 Internet and Mobile Computing Lab Courses: COE 49407 Internet Programming, COE 312 Software Design for Engineers
  • EB2-117 Computer Networks Lab Courses: COE 371 Computer Networks I, CISCO Certified Courses

Senior Design Projects Lab

  • EB1-001 Senior Design Projects Lab